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James Childs
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Vicki and James Childs. The Hills Love Doctors.

James and Vicki have worked hard and consistently on their relationship over the years to become what is known in counselling terms as a 'Master Couple', and while this may sound a tad conceited, or even a little 'strange'  it is certainly something that is worth working for or towards.  

What is a Master Couple?

The term Master Couple refers to a Couple who is fully and wholly accepting of one another.  Master Couples are emotionally attuned to each other, possessing the ability to grow through one another by constantly nurturing the enduring love, friendship and respect within the sanctity of the existing relationship. 

In the Master Couple's relationship, there is no undermining, no judgement and no defensiveness.  Master Couples know the art of listening openly and speaking in a transparent and authentic manner. 

Listening to actually hear is one of the hallmarks of these enduring couples.  Sometimes shockingly Master Couples make each other THE most important person in each other's lives. 

The established hierarchy in a Master Couples relationship means that no one else comes before your partner.  Master Couples practise the art of Scaffolding, which allows each partner to pursue their own interests, yet allow those interests (external or otherwise) to build and add layers of intimacy and interest to the existing relationship. 

In this type of relationship, there is an equal amount of 'We-Ness and I-Ness.'

Knowing your partner's flaws, nuances and idiosyncrasies and loving them BECAUSE of these is another trait in a Master Couples toolbox. 

To find out more or to commence your journey towards becoming a Master Couple, please call or message us today. 

Dedicated Relationship Training

Gottman Method Couples Therapy
Prepare Enrich Building Stronger Relationships
EFT Emotion Focused Therapy
ACT Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
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Vicki Childs. JP. MACA. CPF. Dip.Clin.Hyp, MASCH.

Vicki Childs.  JP.  MACA.  Relationship Therapist & Clinical Counsellor.  Member of Australian Counselling Association (ACA) & Professional Counselling Association (PCA) of NSW & ACT. Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator (CPF). Coordinator MHPN Mental Health Professionals Network Hills District.  Gottman Therapy Trained.

Vicki is currently on medical leave until further notice. 

James Childs and Danny Lewis continue to take appointments.

You can contact Vicki Here for Speaking or Writing Engagements

Vicki Childs is a highly respected registered Professional Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor with more than 35 years of experience working across a wide variety of industries and stakeholders.

Vicki is widely credentialled with expertise in many different areas and considered one of Sydney's leading and most in-demand relationship therapists, providing services to local, executive, corporate and celebrity couples.

Combining her expansive clinical knowledge with lived experiences of Domestic Violence, Separation, Divorce, Remarriage and navigating the often daunting field of step-parenting allows Vicki to adopt a multidimensional approach to her therapy style.

Vicki has been working in the counselling sector for well over 15 years, 10 years in a busy thriving private practice, based in Newcastle and then re established back in Sydney in 2018.

Dedicated relationship training qualifications include:

Gottman Method Couples Therapy
Prepare Enrich Building Stronger Relationships
EFT Emotion Focused Therapy
ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Additional to the above, Vicki is the Coordinator for the Hills District Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN.)

Vicki's direct and no nonsense approach has assisted thousands of couples in their pursuit of a joyful and long lasting relationship.   

If you're looking for a therapist possessing a passion for healing relationships and rebuilding bridges of trust and connection in families, couples and individuals, call today to find out more.

Counselling Approach

Vicki's approach to counselling is direct and forthright while maintaining empathy and understanding. Vicki believes the most effective way to discover the core of relationship problems is to dig deep, do the emotional work and most importantly be honest about where your intentions are in relation to either repairing the relationship or finding a pathway for a different looking future.

With a collaborative and directional focus, Vicki is able to quickly offer insight into the most appropriate way forward for your relationship.

Vicki works with individuals, couples and families and is presently around 2 weeks in advance with bookings.  

Who is Vicki outside of work?

Outside of work you are most likely to find Vicki out in nature or going bush with her Insta Famous Staffies, Freya and Rainey.

Vicki loves getting away from it all, swimming, hiking, bushwalking or sitting by an open fire.  

As a Grandmother to 8 beautiful Grandbabies, Vicki also loves doing 'Nan Duties.' 

Other passions include photography, gardening, short story writing, alternative medicine and beautifying her home. 

Vicki is also a survivor of medically induced Iatrogenesis.  Vicki lives with many autoimmune diseases, including Lichen Planus, PCOS, and Vitiligo.  

These challenges are what motivated Vicki to become a therapist. 

Vicki is also available for Clinical Supervision for those working in the Mental Health Sector.  Please visit the Supervision page Here

Vicki Speaks about WHAT happens in a Couples Session

James Childs. MACA. CPF. Dip.Clin.Hyp. BSc(Eng).

James Childs. MACA. CPF. Dip.Clin. Hyp.  Registered Counsellor with ACA.  Analytical Hypnotherapist with AHA and HCA. NLP Practitioner. CPF - Certified Professional Facilitator with Prepare Enrich. Gottman Method Trained.

James is available for Individual and Couples Counselling.  Appointments are available 6 days a week, Face to Face in our Lakeside Clinic or Online.

With a long and distinguished career as a Senior Engineer, James more recently (2015) decided to pursue a career in service to others.

Having spent over 40 years mentoring, coaching and assisting junior engineers to reach their career goals, James has now parlayed that experience into a more holistic career as a Relationship Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

James is a Registered Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP & EFT Practitioner, and also a certified facilitator for Prepare Enrich.  James  provides wise counsel to Couples and Individuals experiencing issues and challenges within their lives.

As a survivor of both TBI and ABI (Brain Injuries), James is well versed in adversity and recovery from huge physical and mental challenges, holding a special interest in SMH Subconscious Mind Healing that he used himself in his recovery process.

James brings a calm and reassuring demeanour to the HCC Clinic, along with many years of professional counselling and coaching, garnered through a long career of mentorship in the corporate sector.

Additionally, James understands the unique complexities of separation, divorce, remarriage and step-parenting, having experienced these issues first hand.

James works closely with male clients in the areas of increasing and understanding intimacy in relationships, de escalation of conflict and fighting and also building and increasing self esteem. 

James works with individuals, couples and families.  He is presently around 1 week in advance with his bookings. 

Counselling Approach

James offers a nurturing, calm and very supportive focus to his therapy.

With a belief of taking things slowly and carefully to unpack the deep layers of a relationship crisis.  James is highly analytical and methodical, ensuring all areas of the relationship are explored in depth and with respect.

For those contemplating the viability of their relationships, James is equipped with a huge knowledge base of tools to allow each couple to decide what their forward path may be.  

Who is James outside of work?

Having endured no less than 19 rounds of invasive neurosurgery, James is a daredevil outside of work.  James enjoys adrenalin fuelled activities, such as Sky Diving, Piloting Tiger Moth Planes, Shark Diving and anything that allows him to get a rush!

James also enjoys time out in nature, walking, spending time with his adult children and 4 beautiful Grandchildren.  

As an aside to the above James loves tinkering around home, beautifying his gardens and watching Air Crash Control.

James has a lifelong passion for all things aviation. 

Danny Lewis. B.Soc.Sc (Psychology & Human Bioscience) Dip.Clin.Hyp. Cert Life Coach. MASCH, MACA.

Danny is our Zoom Counsellor.
Appointments are availabe on Danny's Calendar

You can contact Danny Here

Danny Lewis is a highly experienced registered Professional Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, and a Counselling & Hypnotherapy Supervisor with many years of experience in working with people to help them reach their goals in life.

He is a professional member and supervisor in both the Australian Society of Clinical
Hypnotherapists and the Australian Counselling Association, and has experience with individuals,
and teams in sporting and corporate fields.

Danny spent a number of years in the Engineering Construction industry before being introduced
to hypnotherapy. He decided to train and gain hypnotherapy accreditation so he could help others
experience the benefits that he had found.

With accreditation he started in private practice while studying for a degree in Psychology. With a degree in Psychology & Human Bioscience he found the power of the Mind-Body connection that has become his approach in Counselling.

Danny is trained in a wide variety of approaches to mind and body health and wellness and
worked jointly with other health professionals in a number of locations as well as being involved in
personal and team performance in business and sport.

He has been a partner in a Sports Medicine Centre where he assisted athletes in overcoming injuries and increasing performance with hypnotherapy.

Danny’s Counselling & Coaching approaches

In his Counselling and Coaching approaches, Danny believes the key to fulfilment in personal life
and relationships lies in finding your unique abilities. In discovering your uniqueness you can
overcome unhelpful beliefs and barriers that create conflict with others, and remove blocks to
your personal wellness.


Counselling allows you to carry this out in a non threatening environment of empathy and
understanding. Without judgement you are free to find the solutions you need.
Communication is an important part of any relationship and understanding of yourself and others
helps in building trust and connection in families, couples and individuals.


Coaching provides you with the tools to apply your own uniqueness to goals in your own life.


Danny’s approach to Hypnotherapy is to connect with the part of your mind he calls your Higher
Intelligence (sometimes called your subconscious mind) where your inner needs are uniquely
held. He believes that everyone has the resources and abilities within themselves to create the life
they deserve. Danny helps you discover how you uniquely work and how to value and express
your true self. When you discover your own uniqueness your relationships and personal life thrive
as you develop the ability to accept the uniqueness of others.

What other approaches does Danny use?

As well as Counselling, Coaching and Hypnotherapy Danny is able to utilise other techniques
such as Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique (Energy Psychology) , EMIT (Eye Movement
Integration Therapy) , Chi Energy Healing, and NLP depending on your individual needs.

Who is Danny outside of work ?

Danny enjoys the experience of nature and the freedom to observe animals and birdlife in their
natural habitats.

He also appreciates connection with family and is proud of his indigenous ancestry. His
connection with the land is one of his greatest values.

Outside of work Danny enjoys bushwalking, gardening, and sitting around an open fire.
He also enjoys working with wood and restoring furniture.

Danny regularly uses meditation and alternative medicine for his own physical and emotional
health.  He enjoys helping people find and use their own abilities and this involves helping others not only in his work but also in his personal life.

Danny is also available for Clinical Supervision for those working in the Mental Health Sector.

Our Industry Accreditations

Members Australian Counselling Association.
Members College of Supervisors.
Members Professional Counselling Association of ACT & NSW.
Coordinator Mental Health Professionals Network.
Members MAREAA
Marriage & Relationship Educators Association of Aust.
Certified Facilitators Prepare Enrich .
Members Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists.
Members Australian Hypnotherapy Association.
Members Hypnotherapy Council Australia.