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Counselling Services
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Expert Relationship Counselling In the Hills District

 At Hills Couples Counselling we offer a large range of relationship based counselling services.

Relationships are ever changing over our lifetime. What you may need assistance with in the now, may also be completely different in the future. 

Our Counselling Services are designed to assist with specific issues, including Couple to Couple Counselling, Couples Counselling, Infidelity (Affair Repair) Counselling, Individual Marriage Counselling, Premarital Counselling, Separation Counselling, Parenting Support, and Personal Coaching when you need direction moving forward after separation.

To find out the type of Relationship Counselling that would best suit your needs, please take a read of the different services below. 

We have categorised each counselling service as there is no one size or style that fits all requirements.

General couples counselling is best for those requiring assistance to strengthen and maintain a happy fuctioning relationship, while infidelity (affair repair) counselling is more intense and may require more self reflection and individual work alongside the couples therapy.

Our parenting support counselling is suitable for couples who may be experiencing relationship challenges due to having different parenting styles that are causing conflict in the way you, as parents, relate to one another.

It is important to understand that couples counselling is not about blame. Too often couples put off having counselling, believing that it is about finger pointing or shaming.   This is not case at all.  Couples Counselling is about identifying the areas that are problematic and resourcing yourself with tools and strategies to cope. 

Couples counselling is undertaken by couples of all ages. We see couples who are presently dating, right through to couples who are now 'empty nesters' not sure of where the relationship now stands, having raised a family. 

It's common to feel embarrassed or a sense of trepidation when first approaching counselling of any type.  We aim to make you comfortable and welcome in our clinic. 

We understand that when it comes down to it, we are all people trying to do our best in often difficult situations. Counselling can help you make sense of the things that feel 'too hard'.

Couples Counselling

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