At Hills Couples Counselling we use many different therapies and therapy models.  Therapies used in sessions may include the following:

Gottman Method Couples Therapy
Gottman Method Couples Therapy is world renowned couples therapy. It focuses on the Sound House Relationship Model. Couples are encouraged to actively understand one another via Love Maps and utilisation of different communication tools.  Gottman Method Couples Therapy also uses effective and easy to use de escalation strategies to minimise ongoing hurt after conflict.

Prepare Enrich Building Stronger Relationships

Prepare Enrich is a wonderful and in depth relationship profiling tool.  It is our favoured tool and therapy here at Hills Couples Counselling. Prepare Enrich is about understanding relationship dynamics.  Essentially, the profiling allows us to pinpoint problematic areas in your relatioship, subsequently teaching tools to 'plug the gaps.'

ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
ACT is a beautiful tool that allows for observation outside of ourselves. ACT allows us to experience without judgement. When we live according to our values, we can be present for one another. ACT teaches psychological flexibility, much needed in our relationships.

EFT Emotion Focused Therapy
Emotion Focused Therapy is all about strengthening the self, regulating
affect, and creating new meaning.  EFT proposes that emotional change is central to enduring change.

Love Languages
Values Based Work
Hills Couples Counselling Program

All relationships are unique.  There are no two relationships that are the same.

Our practitioners all have dedicated Relationship Training in ACT, Prepare Enrich Profiling and The Gottman Method Couples Therapy, combined with many years of Clinical experience in working with Relationships.

After speaking with you and conducting an initial consultation we will discuss the type of therapy that may be of most benefit to your particular situation. 

Below, you will find information on some of the therapies we employ.

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Relationship Recovery


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy


Building Stronger Relationships

Gottman Method

Renowned Gottman Method Therapy

Love Languages

Values & Core Beliefs

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