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Vicki Childs Clinical Supervisor
Providing Supervision Sessions to
Individuals, Groups & Community Organisations

Clinical Supervision

My Therapy room.  Warm and inviting with a great view over the lake.

My Therapy room. Warm and inviting with a great view over the lake.

Individual Supervision

Individual Supervision is available for new and experienced therapists. 

I honour your journey as a therapist and am happy to support you in the way you need.   

I offer 4 different ways to undertake Individual Supervision, these are:

In my office at Norwest Lakeside
In a group setting at my office at Norwest Lakeside
On the phone (Telehealth)
On Zoom (Video conference)

My individual supervision sessions will provide you with insight, inspiration and a private environment where you can debrief and relax.

I have a strong background in Business, Teaching and of course over 10 years of experience as a Counsellor in a very busy and successful private practice. 

Our Boardroom for Group Supervision.

Our Boardroom for Group Supervision.

Group Supervision

Group Supervision is available for small groups of up to 8 in my boardroom.  My office is located at Norwest Lakeside, with easy access and parking, overlooking the spectacular and restful Norwest Lakeside.

Group Supervision offers an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the space we occupy for our clients.   My groups offer a warm and supportive environment where we gather as not only peers, but friends too.

Tea, Coffee and light  refreshments are included for all group supervision sessions.

I am a registered member of the College of Supervisors and able to provide supervision for the following member associations.

Australian Counselling Association. 
Australian Community Workers Association.
Australian Hypnotherapy Association.
Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists.
Association of Psychotherapists & Counsellors (Singapore).
Philippines Association of Guidance Counsellors.
Counsellors Victoria.
Professional Counselling Association of NSW/ACT
South Australian Psychotherapy & Counselling Association.

If you would like further information, or to book a group session, please contact me Here

Are you looking for a Clinical Supervisor? Am I right for you?

Hello and Welcome, 
Whether you are a newly accredited therapist or a therapist with many years of experience, I warmly welcome you to my space.

I have been Counselling for over 10 years in private practice.  During this time I have continually ensured that I keep updating my own skill set in order to remain up to date and abreast of new therapy models and different ways of doing things. 

My background is eclectic and varied.  For many years I was a Business Consultant in the Corporate sector, followed by a few years of Teaching, and then transitioning to a therapist as a result of severe ill health. 

I have lived a very rich life and hold no judgement around other people's stories, choices and life journey. My own life is best described as a rich mosaic of highs and lows.  I believe this allows me to bring a very empathetic and balanced vibe to my supervision sessions.   

As I tell most of my beautiful clients, I am totally bomb proof.  Nothing shocks me.

I enjoy a laugh, and while I enjoy the serious side of things too, the old adage of a day without laughter is one I live by. 

Your Supervision session can be anything you need it to be.   Flexibility is key.

Areas of Supervision expertise:
Business - Set up, Growth, Marketing.
Burnout - Self Care and Recovery.
Client attraction and retention. 
Marketing - Branding, Socials, Networking. Websites.
Resource Coordination.
Professional Development.
Education Management.

What I will provide as your Supervisor:
Honesty and Transparency
A professional, safe and nurturing supervision environment.

What I won't do as your Supervisor:
Undermine your ability as a Professional Mental Health Care Provider
Invalidate your opinion or experience

If you would like to find out more, please contact me or book your appointment through my online calendar. 

PS:  My larger than life therapy dog, Freya, is also available to keep us company in sessions too. 


Hi, I'm Vicki

Hi, I'm Vicki