Infidelity Counselling  & Affair Repair

Feeling lost and confused after cheating?
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Infidelity Counselling
Affair Repair Therapy

Can a relationship survive Infidelity (Cheating)?

The answer is yes and no, depending on the individuals involved.

Some couples see the Infidelity as a starting point to rebuild and reconnect after acknowledging the relationship may have been in trouble, prior to the event. For others, the act of Infidelity undermines any further trust in the relationship.

The ensuing fall out from Infidelity is often too much for some couples and after carefully examining options, some choose to leave the relationship, fearing it may occur again or feeling too emotionally vulnerable to reinvest back into the same relationship.

Our aim at HCC is to provide safe avenues to explore whether the relationship is repairable or irreparable while holding space for both partners to freely express emotions. 

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Infidelity occurs in happy and unhappy relationships.

Infidelity occurs in happy and unhappy relationships.

The Top 8 Reasons People Cheat in Relationships

Feeling like there is a distinct lack of love.

Feeling that your partner is not right for you.

Feeling a strong sexual desire towards someone else.

Feeling neglected and ignored.

Lack of variety, particularly in intimacy and sex.

Low commitment to one another.

Feeling like you need a boost to your ego or self-esteem.

To pay your partner back for hurting, rejecting or insulting you.

Infidelity Counselling

One of the primary reasons couples tend to seek out therapy is due to Infidelity.  Also referred to as cheating, stepping out, or playing up. 

Interestingly, different couples have different ideas of what Infidelity means in their own relationship.

For a Therapist, Infidelity is any action that violates, exploits or undermines an agreement between two people. 

Infidelity can fall into many categories, some of these are:


But let's qualify exactly what Infidelity is.........

For some Infidelity is when a trusted partner has sexual intercourse with another person, outside of the established relationship.  For others, Infidelity can be breaking an unwritten agreement between two parties.  This can mean trust is broken when a partners gaze lingers on another too long, a random kiss, an emotional attachment or a very close friendship with a person outside of the relationship, which may be of an intimate nature. Fantasizing, watching pornography and 'sexting' are also often termed Infidelity.

The most commonly cited cause of Infidelity is a sense of emotional disconnection from a partner.

The person committing the infidelity will often describe having felt unappreciated, lonely, and sad. These emotions can lead to secondary feelings of anger and resentment.

It takes time and effort to recover from an affair.  There's no quick fix and unless things change considerably, it will be an uphill battle. 

If nothing changes - nothing changes. 

Rebuild your relationship from the bottom up